We're glad you asked! We hand-curate 3 records specific to you every month. These are records that are based on your specific music tastes since we want your vinyl collection to be unique. To start a membership, you will need an invite code from us or a friend. After you Choose a Membership Plan, you will then need to fill out your user profile, and last but certainly not least, select a #Vibe!

Your membership also gives you access to our Member Store
After you Choose a Membership Plan, you then will need to select a #Vibe. Make sure you finalize your selection at the end of the checkout process. You will receive an email order confirmation from us when it goes through.
You may choose a new #vibe the same day you're billed each month. Each month you must select a new or previous #vibe so that our curators can get started on your next shipment. Your next order date will be displayed on your my.vnyl.org profile. Once it’s time for you to select your next #vibes, you can tap that link to go through the checkout.
Your membership begins on the day you Choose a Plan. You may come back each month after your start date and Choose Vibes for that current month. Your membership renews automatically each month on the same date.
Every album you receive from VNYL is yours to keep. No sending back. Just you and your sweet, sweet vinyl forever and ever.
We hand-curate every single order specific to our members which includes a thorough analysis of your music tastes. This process takes a little more time, but it’s always worth the wait! Typically, standard orders take about 2-3 weeks for us to completely curate and ship your order.

You can check the status of your order on my.vnyl.org by tapping on your order. You'll also get an email from us with a tracking code as soon as your order ships out. Thanks fro your patience!
Log in to your VNYL Account, then tap on Edit next to Address. If you would like to add a separate billing and shipping address, be sure to un-check the checkbox on the bottom of the page that says "shipping address is the same as billing". You may update your other account details in this tab as well.
If you already own what you received, we recommend you share with someone who doesn't. We are all about sharing the community of music!
We also suggest creating a Discogs account to link in to your user profile. This will help us determine what vinyl is in your collection. Also make sure your VNYL member profile is up to date with your music preferences. Feel free to make changes or add notes of encouragement and wisdom to the curators along the way so we can keep sending you what you love!
Your Kickstarter trial membership will become a monthly membership to VNYL once your 1, 3, 6 or 12 month trial ends. If you would like to pause your membership, visit your VNYL account and cancel it.
Say you want to pause for a month while you are away on a trip or are moving to a new address. Simply log in to your VNYL account and tap "Pause Plan" at the bottom of the page. This will instruct you on how to pause your active membership. Current orders placed before pausing your membership will still be curated and shipped out. For new delivery addresses, please make sure you update this information on this page as well. You may also reactivate your membership at any time and will not need a new Invite Code.
We currently ship to eight countries outside of the United States, including: Canada, the U.K., Australia, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

International shipping will add additional costs to your order:
Shipping costs to Canada are approximately $30 USD per shipment.
Shipping costs to the U.K., Australia, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Germany are around $35-60 USD per shipment.

Postage cost varies based on your destination address at time of order.
Different options based on speed of delivery are shown at time of checkout.
This is typically an issue that can be solved by slightly adjusting the tone arm on your record player. Depending on your turntable, this should be an easy fix. If this adjustment doesn’t seem to help, send us a video of your record playing incorrectly and we’ll work to get you a replacement.

But wait, I can’t adjust my tone arm…

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine if a record is defective when played on a turntable without an adjustable tone arm. Suitcase turntables are a great economical choice, but frequently experience issues with playback -- this is due to both a poor quality needle and the vibration of the built in speakers, which can cause the needle to jump or wear in the wrong places. Also, since every record is mastered differently, one release may have deeper or shallower grooves than others. To be able to play a variety of records, you’ll need a record player that allows you to adjust the weight of the tone arm. For that reason, we can only work to get a replacement album when they’re played incorrectly on a turntable that has the ability to be adjusted properly.
Email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!